22 weeks and nautical style

Any day now, huh? It’s become a common question. But nope, I’m just huge!

Today I had an appointment with the OB and she so sweetly said, You know, now is about when you’re going to start seeing some seriously rapid growth. I said WHAT. LOOK AT ME. She laughed, I about cried. Apparently my size has only just begun.

We had a GREAT baby shower with my family and friends in PA! We are so loved, and were reminded just how many talented people we know! We’ve received handmade outfits, blankets, hats, stuffed animals… you name it! My sweet friend Lauren made these – aren’t they cute?!

The Salt Water Wife | Hand-made stuffed animals | Nautical Baby Shower | Twin Baby Shower

So I’ve been out and about a ton the past few weeks and I have gotten so many questions and compliments on a new bracelet – I figured I had to share!

This bracelet is the Coastal White from the Regatta Collection by Sail Swag – and I LOVE IT!


The farther along I get with twins, the less I feel like dressing up. And it can definitely be hard to put together an outfit with any kind of style. But with jeans and a simple tank top, this bracelet is the perfect accessory for a casual pick-me-up!


The Regatta Collection is my favorite from the Sail Swag line – it’s equal parts cute and casual, with a touch of utility. Plus, you can’t beat something made out of a good rope line.


If you want to shop Sail Swag, use the code SALTWATERWIFE for 10% off!

And don’t forget to check out Sail Swag online, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

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