21 weeks and I killed a massive spider

Y’all. The spider killing ninja warrior skills came out of me this week. After a quick dip in the neighborhood pool, I happened to look under the rocking chair as I was grabbing my keys to head home and… SPI-DER. Y’all don’t even understand. I’m talking a spider of the extra large, poisonous (well, poisonous-looking… because what do I really know) variety.

With no source of flame-throwing available at the time, I chose to rock the spider to death with the rocking chair. And a rocked he was. Also, mid-crunch, one of those kill it and all it’s babies will come out videos played through my mind. I grabbed my keys and ran so fast, I don’t know what actually happened. But, he dead.

#pregnantladyrunning #lookout #maybeifeelbadaboutit #nahidont

21 Weeks | Pregnancy Update | The Salt Water Wife

21 Weeks | Pregnancy Update | The Salt Water Wife

In lighter news – I’m 21 weeks along and still feeling good! Well.. good is relative.

My mood personality may or may not be rearing its sassy self. Thankfully I have an amazingly patient & tolerant husband. Bless him.

My hips are that of a 90 year old. I can’t even describe the ache! I’ve been trying to do lots of stretching and exercises that would keep my hips lose, similar to those I did when I was swimming. But, not too much helps. However, this is way tolerable, compared to the multitude of pregnancy symptoms I could have, but thankfully don’t.

No morning sickness, no serious food aversions, and I’m pretty much (currently) getting through my days without a nap! Success! Not to say I don’t have those days. Migraines, gag reflex… it happens. But overall, I’m doing pretty well! And I’m thankful for that!

And in exciting news – we get to go home to PA this weekend! My parents are having a babies shower for us at their house, and I’ll get to see a bunch of my friends and family from the northern land! #notamish #butamishherewecome #imcominghome

And for your listening pleasure, a current favorite song. Happy Wednesday!

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