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A Boy and His Machinery

Finally February. I mean that only took 437 days. January ain’t for the weak.

  1. On that note, there’s only about 10 weeks until we become la familia de CINCO and I’m just still not fully prepared for that. Are we ever? No. Pretty sure Lady Duggar herself still doesn’t even feel fully prepared for the next offspring. We’ll figure it out! We’re excited to meet the newest princess!
  2. Speaking of Roo, Marshall put together her crib today. If that ain’t a reality check, I don’t know what is. On a lighter note, that’s one less thing on the to-do list. Next up… the diaper pail and changing pad. And then I’m pretty sure we’re set. Did you see this list we made? Best registry items on Amazon. Guaranteed.
  3. Tonight for dinner we’re having round three of leftover lasagna. Poor Marshall. It’s back to regularly scheduled programming around here ever since our week full of HelloFresh deliciousness. I mean we were literally spoiled rotten with fresh meals / new recipes for a whole week.
  4. Took the monsters to Home Depot today to take a look at a few things for Marshall’s never ending list of projects, and Bentley was immediately frustrated that we we buckled him into a cart. How dare we. Parents. Awful. His dismay turned delight however the moment the staff started driving all their big machines around. All the boy moms said #amen – I considered letting him out to walk and then I thought about the inevitable apologies to the manager and decided a buckled bentley was a better bentley. Sorry bro.
  5. Pretty much more excited than I thought I’d be to see the birds of the homeland play in the super bowl. Something I thought I’d never see. And here we are! When does it start? 6:30? I’ll be dead to the world before it’s over. That mom bedtime, I tell you what. But seriously who’s bright idea was it to show This Is Us that late at night? Cruel. Just cruel. Also pretty excited for JT at half time. In the key of honesty…
  6. Marshall took our Christmas tree down today. We’re really on top of things over here.
  7. Check out Natalie’s Valentine’s Waffle Bar! Part of me wants to do that for the kids. Most of me just wants a seat at the table. You know, pregnant.

That is all, friends! Real riveting around here, yeah?