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HelloMoms – HelloFresh!

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you probably read my rant about the new mom meal train. In it, I made suggestions about better ways to help new moms – and now I think I’ve found the holy grail…

Delivered meals and freezer meals are AWESOME. But mom and dad might be up for cooking a fresh meal too, especially for some grown-up time. The major barrier that all moms face, is time. HelloFresh makes dinner so simple with a ton of 30 minute meal options, and momma doesn’t have to go to the store to get all of the ingredients. Win – win!

Also, while I think that this is a GREAT option for a new mom, I’d also highly suggest it as a birthday / Christmas gift for any mom on your list. Or yourself. I’m not a new mom but the convenience and healthy options are great for just about anyone – especially you working mommas! I literally do not know how you do it.

One of the biggest time savers with HelloFresh is that the ingredients (mailed straight to your door) are pre-measured. Saving time, but also helping to make sure we don’t mess up our meal. Smart cookies, I tell you what. Also, the price on the family plan works out to $4.99 per serving which makes it cheaper than going out to eat, not to mention way healthier. Plus – the recipes are endless!

Use the code SALTWATER30 for $30 off your first box.

Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 4.27.17 PMScreenshot 2017-12-18 at 4.27.39 PM

You can learn a lot more about HelloFresh and how it works on their site, here. But take a look at how our meal turned out…

Our family box came with three meals! Tonight we made the Chicken Parm, and the portion sizes are huge! If your kids are tiny like ours, you will definitely have leftovers.

With each meal is a photo recipe card and pre-measured ingredients.

The meals really are simple and quick! (all the mommas said #amen) – our chicken and sauce cooked while the noodles were boiling. Within 20 minutes each piece of the meal was done!

We had one small mishap with a pepper shaker that got thrown and shattered, because #toddlers, but Elizabeth had fun playing with the ingredients while Bentley helped us stir the noodles!

This meal was easy to make, looks just like the pictures in the recipe, and is delicious!!

Don’t forget that you can Use the code SALTWATER30 for $30 off your first box.

Thank you to HelloFresh for kindly sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.