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TGI… almost Friday

Oh Friday. A most glorious day, until at 2pm I learned that it was in fact Thursday. Yikes. There’s a low blow to the stress level. On with it! Tomorrow is Friday – cause for celebration!

  1. Speaking of celebration. Super excited that the birds of the homeland won the superbowl. Not so excited that a rather large group of misfits find this cause to justify ruining their town. Riots? Because we won? Or, ever, really?
  2. I’ve been using this Remington Tapered Curling Wand, but I’ve learned that I don’t really like the tapered wand, and have been on the hunt for a larger and longer wand that is the same size top to bottom. Kate at The Small Things Blog recommends Hot Tools – so I found this one. Anyone know of a better one I should try, before I order that?
  3. In the realm of beauty improvements, I went ahead and made the switch to Clinique makeup. I got color matched at Dillards, but found that you can also purchase Clinique at Ulta, where you can get rewards points. So I’ll probably shop there from now on because it’s a bit more expensive than the el-cheapo I was using before. But, grown up. Need to start taking better care of my skin if I don’t want to look 80 when I’m 30.
  4. Tonight I’ve been re-washing and cleaning a few things that we have left to set up for baby #3 (this compact pack and play, this rock and play, and the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat) which is fun but also a little stressful. I think I’m just worried about early delivery from my experience with the twins, but I still feel the need to be prepared now, instead of later. So we’re knee deep in car seats and cribs and clothes and all that jazz. Also I feel like I’m more tired than I expected, simply from chasing two toddlers around all day every day. I mean I try to just sit and play with them as much as possible, but if you have toddlers, you know that even that is exhausting. Also yesterday I started drinking my water straight out of the Brita Pitcher. No shame. Gotta keep hydrated.
  5. And because the toddlers are so dang cute, a few park pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂 And because everyone always asks – Elizabeth is wearing Navy Blue Robeez – still the best fit for her tiny little feet!