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Time sure does get away from us a lot faster these days! With two toddlers running around I’m actually pretty surprised that we are even surviving, let alone actually making plans for sweet Ruthie to arrive. This week we ordered her crib and mattress, and I have a few other things we need, but overall we are good to go! I mean are you ever really prepared for a new baby? I’m going to go with no. But we’re about as ready as we’re going to be haha

I mean actually I need to finish putting her room together and all…


How far along are you: 27 weeks

Cravings: Blueberry Eggo Waffles with Peanut Butter

Weight gained: I’m actually still down 10 lbs. #vomit

Sleep: My hips want me to die so sleep is pretty much irrelevant at this point. I’m pretty sure I switch what side I’m laying on roughly every thirty minutes, and I use Marshall or the bedside table to do it. Because rolling over? Ab muscles? No.

Baby Movement: SO. MUCH. All the time! I love it! I didn’t feel the twins at all until 26 weeks and even that was just minor taps here and there. You know, double placentas and all. But This time I can feel Ruthie using the entire jungle gym she thinks she’s playing on. From my ribs to my… well you get the picture. She’s all over!

How are you feeling: I’ve still been randomly getting sick, which sucks, but it’s pretty rare. My only issues these days are my hips which is probably just a permanent problem now, and my lack of sleep, which is also probably just a permanent problem now. I’m deep within the realm of the waddle, and need to go from sitting to standing pretty frequently. Because, you know, hips. Also I pee a lot so that’s fun. Overall? Not too shabby considering that I’m, you know, pregnant.

Names: Ruthie Kring! We knew her name from the start because we have our list of boy and girl names for all of our future kids already picked out! As soon as the ultrasound tech graced us with it’s a girl! we knew her name was Ruthie. Possibly Roo for fun.

Gender: Girl… in case you missed that part. Poor Bentley.

Favorite maternity clothes: these shirts, and these pants. And flip flops because no one has time for swollen feet! Fun fact: one day (pregnant with the twins) I actually walked into the OB barefoot with my flops in my hands, because that’s how swollen I was. Seriously, no time for that.

Diaper bag: Actually we use my Black Patagonia backpack because after much trial and error we learned that things stay way more organized and contained with a fully close-able backpack with multiple pockets. Also backpacks don’t fall off. We use our Pottery Barn diaper bag for traveling!

I get a ton of questions about products we use with the twins, and I am sure that list will be growing and changing as we add a third (but also adding a singleton) to the family! Things like now we might want a single stroller, we’re using two different kinds of car seats, etc.

I will say, Ruthie is getting mostly hand me downs. We’ve got everything left over from the twins so we are pretty much set. But if any new products come up I’ll be sure to share. If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about, let me know!

On with it! Hopefully little Roo cooks for about 10 more weeks! #nomorenicu #aintnobodygottimeforthateither

PS Did you see our gender reveal!?

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