about annalee


I’m a twenty-something wife, dog mom, and twin mom!, blessed enough to be living the coastal life here in North Carolina. You can usually find me with a hot cold cup of coffee, face-timing with my best friend, and trying to keep a decent grip on our home.

My husband and I got married in October of 2014, and we he has since been remodeling our home! I have been redecorating, with much thanks to Pinterest! We even managed to finish our nursery before the twins arrived!

Sometimes I try to cook – and when that turns out well, I like to share my recipes for you to enjoy! I’ll also make sure that they are hungry-husband-approved.

I try to focus my days on the JOY moments. Sometimes they are abundant, and sometimes they are few and far between. JOY comes around a lot more often when you are surrounded by friends and family, and with that I invite you to tag along! Bring a cup of your favorite coffee, get some sand between your toes and come along with me.

xoxo annalee