how to tie bean boots

We. LOVE. Bean. Boots!

L.L.Bean Bean Boots

They’re perfect. Flawless. Useful. AMAZING.

These are technically a Christmas gift, that happened to be on backorder until MARCH. So Merry Christmas to me! New boots!

Did you know there are 23456599 ways to tie boots? There are. I looked it up. You see, I wanted to be able to keep my boots secure on my feet, while still being able to slip them on and off.

Here’s what I ended up with!

L.L.Bean Boots

Start the laces at the bottom of the boot, with an even amount of laces on each side.

L.L.Bean Boots

Lace the boots as high as you want. I wanted to be able to slip them on and off, so I only laced them 5 holes up.

L.L.Bean Boots

Bend the remaining laces to make a loop about the size of half of your thumb.

L.L.Bean Boots

Start to wrap the lace around the loop, from the boot out.

L.L.Bean Boots

When you get to the end, tuck the end of the lace through the loop.

L.L.Bean Boots

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